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Interview with Valorant Lore Expert “Sir Jeppy”

Interview with Valorant Lore Expert “Sir Jeppy”
Written by: Mohsin

Yoann: Hello everyone! Today I'm with Sir Jeppy, Valorant Lore content creator. Can you introduce yourself?


Jeppy: Yeah. Well, I'm Sir Jeppy, and my real name's Jeff. I'm a paramedic, but now I can actually do YouTube full-time. 

I'm a big nerd. I'm drinking coffee out of a Pokemon mug and wearing my Jurassic Park shirt haha.

Sir Jeppy on YouTube


Yoann: That's cool! When did you first start posting videos on the net?


Jeppy: I started making YouTube videos with my PlayStation 4, there was a little option where you could just upload gaming highlights. They're all unlisted because they suck. And then I started playing Rainbow 6 Siege. I was making tips and tricks videos.


So it was a couple of years ago, I think maybe the end of 2019 is when I was like, Oh okay, let me start hopping on these lore videos. And I saw in Sege, not really many people were making lore videos. So I made a couple.  Then I started playing Valorant and Val's got a pretty good lore. So transitioned from Siege to Valorant. 

Yoann: Do you actually play Valorant in your free time?


Jeppy: Oh Yeah, I actually play Valorant in my free time, and like with my friends, I even solo queue a lot by myself, on stream.


I actually genuinely really like Valorant and it wasn't the case at first. I actually hated Valorant.

Yoann: That’s interesting! Do you enjoy watching pro play?


Jeppy: Oh yeah, I really was into the last champions event. My two favorite teams are Optic and FPX. But now the whole franchising thing, everyone is all over the place.


Now I have to try to find some new favorite teams, I might hop on the Sentinels bandwagon. 

But yeah, I love watching Pro League and I think they do a really, really good job, the observers, the casters, and all that, of showing all the crazy things that are going on.


Yoann: Awesome. Okay, Valorant’s Lore is getting deeper and deeper with each patch and agent or map release. Do you sometimes get lost in all of this?


Jeppy: Yeah, you're actually right. Riot adds so many lore updates. Sometimes it's hard to keep track, and I feel bad for new people. When I first started playing and trying to get into the lore stuff to make videos about it it was super confusing. All these different multidimensional things. 

Yoann: Could you maybe describe in a few words what lore is for those who don’t know? 


Jeppy: So it takes place in the near future, an event called the first light deposited a bunch of Radianite all over the globe. And what this radianite does is it can turn special people and gives them random powers.


The Kingdom organization, the biggest company in the world, started weaponizing and making energy with Radianite. And then now we have crazy dimensions with Alpha and Omega Earth.

But yeah, so basically it all revolves around Radiant.

Yoann: Yeah. League of Legends Arcane was a true masterpiece, I really loved it. Can we expect something similar coming for Valorant?


Jeppy: You're gonna absolutely cringe and hate me but I never saw Arcane. I know it’s a masterpiece.


So yeah, I hope so. We haven't gotten any confirmation or any leak at all. They could do some crazy things. The world they are building for Valorant is actually really, really good.


I guess that would work really well for a story. You could do so many different things like visiting Omega earth, the Radiant war’s timeline with maybe a story arc with Kay/O and Brimstone, or the hunt for new agents as well. And there are a lot of different things they could do. And I'm sure they will come up with an amazing story!

Yoann: About the cinematics, which one is your favorite? I personally love the warm-up cinematic. I even have the poster haha.


Jeppy: Oh, warm up. That's actually such a good one. Yeah. But my favorite is actually gonna be shattered, which is I think the one that comes after that. This is the first time that you're seeing the Omega Earth and it's a whole new mystery, with Killjoy, Reyna, and Neon.

They're immediately ambushed by the enemy Viper and Atlas Soldiers. Who are these people? We have never seen them before!

I thought that was pretty awesome.

Yoann: Yeah true! Who's your favorite agent in the game?


Jeppy: This is probably another cringe answer, but mine's Chamber. I love Chamber! My favorite gun to use in Valorant is the tour de force, His ultimate, and my second favorite gun to use is the head hunter. I don't know, I think Chamber's so funny.

He's very mysterious. He worked with his omega double to destroy the Radianite Collider on fracture.

He's cool. I like his voice actor too, his design… Omen’s also really cool too.

Yoann: Alright! What do we know so far about the next Valorant agent?


Jeppy: Ooh, yeah. So we actually know a lot about Agent 21, Mage is the codename. We know probably more about him before release than any agent beforehand.

So first of all, his name's Varuns Batra he's from India, and he's rumored to be a water-based radiant controller. 

Yoann: If you could, what would you change in the Valorant’s game or universe?


Jeppy: Well, first of all, I wanna know more about Omen. 

I would say as far as lore goes for the game, a lot of the player base doesn't even know that lore exists for Valorant. Besides the cinematics and some of the voice lines, you'd be like, Oh wait, what are they talking about?

There's no campaign, there's no story mode. 

Because it has such a good story, and I think more people need to hear about it because it is really good. 

Yoann: Yeah, it definitely is! Is there anything else you’d like to say?


Jeppy: If you want to check out social media or Youtube, I post valorant updates, about the lore, and a bunch of other things. So yeah, basically a lot of Valorant Lore content. If you're interested, go in and check it out.






Yoann: Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it!


Jeppy: Thank you so much, man. It was really nice meeting you.

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