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Valorant Game Changers Pro Dies At Age 27

Valorant Game Changers Pro Dies At Age 27
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

A female VALORANT pro player, Lara "Larischz" Gilardoni, who played for Keyd Stars, Meta Gaming Fem, and DELIRA, passed away in Pinamar, Argentina.


The Brazilian outlet, VALORANT Zone, reported about Larischz death today on the 30th of December. She was on vacation in Pinamar, a city on the coast of Argentina. The cause of Lisa's death is not known for certain at this time.



Before playing VALORANT competitively, she played for Isurus Gaming and Malvinas in CS:GO Female rosters.


Larischz represented Keyd Stars Athenas, Meta Gaming Fem, Stars Horizon Vênus and DELIRA Female. With the last team, Lara won the event only two months ago. It was an online tournament in Brazil, Esportsmaker Spike Ladies #4. DELIRA won three matches in a row and took the trophy. For first place, the Brazilian team won R$7,000 ($1,360). At VCT 2022: Game Changers Brazil Series 2, the last offline tournament for Larischz, DELIRA finished in 5th-6th place after losing against B4 Angels in the lower bracket quarterfinals.


Larischz's main achievement is winning Gaming Culture - Girl Power #4 with Stars Horizon Vênus. For the Brazilian and South American Game Changers community, Lisa's death was a surprise and a great tragedy.

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