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Cerapad-KIN is becoming the optimal choice of mousepad for Valorant and TacShooters

Cerapad-KIN is becoming the optimal choice of mousepad for Valorant and TacShooters
Written by: Hero

One of the most overlooked aspects of a Valorant gamer's setup is having the proper gaming mouse for your grip style and using the correct control mousepad. For a long time, cloth pads have been the go-to for TacShooters, as there have not been other choices on the market. 

The problem though is that cloth pads wear out quickly, become inconsistent and many instances need to be replaced a few times a year. Some bad habits also appear from using soft pads, for example pressing down too hard with your mouse under stressful gun fights as your muscles tighten up making your aim inconsistent. 


cerapad 1



World's First Control Hardpad


TJ Exclusives (TJX) has created a fix for these problems by creating the world's first control hardpad, the Cerapad-KIN. The KIN has a tempered glass core that has a surface treated with millions of fine ultra-tough ceramic particles, which creates the optimal tracking and flicking surface for Valorant gamers. 


The experience is unlike anything you have ever tried before, giving you an incredibly smooth surface that has a ton of control.


"It feels like a magnet under my hand when I want to slow down, I don't overshoot my flicks anymore".


Users of this mousepad report amazing feedback like the one above. This mousepad may take a couple of hours to get used to, but once they get used to it, users report a more consistent aim than ever!



In addition to the way it performs, the Cerapad-KIN lasts years without needing to be replaced and creates a very consistent aim with its users.

Along with being the world's first control gaming hardpad, TJX also knew that control hard pads needed to be offered in larger sizes as most Valorant gamers use low sense while playing. 


Offering five sizes to accommodate needed surface area and gamer's budgets, the largest size offered currently is 605mm x 405mm or 16” x 24”. 


cerapad 2



Listen to what some gamers are saying!


  • Sa1nt:  “I was able to beat ALL ( and I mean all ) of my high scores in aim trainers, and still perform as good if not better in any game I played” - Full review HERE


  • robbfps:The Cerapad Kin is not lying when it advertises itself as a control pad. The ceramic coating on this gives an unbelievable amount of control” - Full review HERE


  • rA Snowl:High end build quality, new materials, very clean visual look, and a feel that no other mousepad can match” - Full review HERE


TJ Exclusives also knew some gamers just really like speed pads, not the norm in TacShooters but there are still many who are speed junkies. 


They offer the Cerapad in a speed version as well in all the same sizes as the KIN. Both variations, the Cerapad-KIN and Cerapad-Speed can be personalized with your gamer-tag on the pad or a logo if needed, and have addons such as gaming arm sleeves, a Cerapad cleaning kit, and much more.


These are changing the game for many Valorant players. Check out one of their many YouTube Reviews below.

TJ Exclusives prides itself on providing exceptional customer service to its clients. One of the ways they do this is through their active and responsive presence on Twitter.


If you have any questions about the Cerapad-KIN or any other products offered by TJE, you can reach out to them via their Twitter account @TjExclusives and expect a timely and helpful response.

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