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Riot Games OFFICIALLY Announces The Team Deathmatch Mode!

Riot Games OFFICIALLY Announces The Team Deathmatch Mode!
Written by: Weeii

VALORANT has officially confirmed the release of a Team Deathmatch game mode and many of the new features coming to VALORANT in 2023.

There are also crucial updates that riot plans to add this year, which can include Premier and combat for toxic behavior. 


New Team Deathmatch Mode 


Riot recently announced in their latest Dev Diaries the upcoming plans for 2023 VALORANT which include the new “Hurm” which is an ability enabled team deathmatch with a race to 100 kills. 


They also talked about other modes coming to VALORANT such as “Swift play” and “Spike Rush” but they added no more details to that. 


We also got the information that the long-awaited “Premier” mode should be out in 2023



Other Features


Good news, as mentioned in the Dev Diaries Riot is also planning to find new ways and methods to combat toxicity and bad behavior in VALORANT in both text & voice chat. This reassures us that there might be actual quick detections to those toxic players in the near future.

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