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Is Ludwig The Savior Of Esports?

Is Ludwig The Savior Of Esports?
Written by: Weeii

Twitch’s biggest streamer Ludwig kicks into the esports scene and many think of him as the savior. 


Ludwig is one of Twitch’s biggest streamer who has recently officially announced joinin Moist Esports as a Co-Owner 




He made a full video speaking about the thoughts behind his actions and what pushed him to take this step, as well as mentioned very important facts that are running behind the scenes in Esports 


He stated that Esport Organizations don’t make money, instead, they are actually losing it. 


“The Esports Scene Is Dying More Than Other Fields” 


Ludwig said there are only 2 real reasons why he took that decision: 


One, he likes esports. His passion for the scene has been growing bigger and bigger and that finally pushed him to take a step into it. 


Two, he likes Charley. He said he “believes in Charley” and that he wants to work with him. 


While he said that the scene is dying, it would be contradicting to see him go in as then he might just lose money with that step. But Ludwig talked about having an advantage over other esports organizations; they have more leverage than any other team being content creators. 


So being creator backed is supposedly the best way to get money as an Esports team. 


On top of all of that, Ludwig hinted at creating a valorant team towards the end of his video saying “Since I’m a co-owner, I get to brand things the way I like even if Charley wasn’t a big fan of them. For example, if I were to get a valorant team” 


The community’s feedback has been pleasingly positive welcoming Ludwig into the scene of Esports, and we hope to see him specifically in the scene of VALORANT. 

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