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New Night Market Release Date

New Night Market Release Date
Written by: Weeii

Our favorite part of the Act, perhaps the least sometimes but nonetheless Night Market is confirmed on Episode 6 Act 1 to return on February 15, 2023. And It will be accessible only up until February 27, 2023.




It might come as a surprise but this time the Night Market is planned to have a stay on VALORANT for only 12 days. On the previous Night Market, it was accessible for almost 4 weeks, but that’s not the case now so make sure you’re prepared to cop if your favorite long awaited skin shows up! 

More Information About The Night Market


The Night Market is a rotating special store that comes once every act offering you 6 different skins at a discounted price with a limited time to buy them. 


Regardless of what you may believe, the Night Market is just as randomized as the normal store. That means there is no evident factor as to why you might not have the best luck; even if it was a constant thing throughout your night markets.

Bad Luck Protection 


Are you unlucky? Yes, you are. But don’t worry, VALORANT got your back.

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