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VALORANT Player Got His In-Ear Stolen In VCT

VALORANT Player Got His In-Ear Stolen In VCT
Written by: Weeii

Gen.G Valorant player Lee ‘k1Ng’ Seung-won reports got his in-ear monitors stolen hours before his first match against LOUD in VCT LOCK//IN  


In every LAN event, players are required to equip in-ear monitors and a pair of noise cancelling headphones to provide a fair and equal experience in a LAN environment as this prevents teams from hearing anything outside of the game. 


Usually, the in-ears are brought in by the players to the LAN event while the pair of headphones is provided by the event organizer, in this case, that’s Riot Games


Having any piece of your equipment stolen at a LAN event is terrible as many of the players bring valuable items that can be well worth hundreds and thousands of dollars, if incidents like these occur that will remove any safe feelings about bringing your equipment somewhere. 

Gen.G player k1ng tweeted saying that his in-ears were stolen just hours before his match in VCT LOCK//IN which is quite the case. 


He later revealed that this pair of in-ears cost him $200.  


It’s worth noting that this happened in the practice rooms of teams and not in the main stage, which means there weren’t any cameras in the room to help catch the thief. 


K1ng reported this incident to Riot Games but they said they might not be able to find it and that he might need to buy another pair. 


Unfortunately, his match ended up in a 0-2 to LOUD which means Gen.G will be going home as this is a singe elimination bracket. It must feel disappointing to lose both a valuable piece of your equipment and the match you flew all the way to play. 

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