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What Happened To NA In VCT LOCK//IN?

What Happened To NA In VCT LOCK//IN?
Written by: Weeii

NA Valorant continues to struggle as all North American teams have been knocked out from the current VCT event in Sao Paul, LOCK//IN 


Coming into the current VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paul NA had high expectations as many of the talents were taking part in fire powered teams. 


Recently in VALORANT VCT, even the underdogs can come up with a surprising performance and in a format of single elimination possibilities are endless. NA teams had the superpower of talents like yay, tenz and many more along the major teams like Cloud 9, Sentinels and NRG. 


However, for this event, it is sad to say that NA did not place anywhere near the final top 4. As it narrowed down to 4 teams left, EU and Pacific regions dominated everyone. FNATIC had a big hand in eliminating NA as they knocked both Sentinels and 100 Thieves out. 


The EU Giant FNATIC has shown a dominating performance this event alongside NAVI (previously known as FPX which is a Masters Event Winner, with the addition of cNed) 


The question remains, are EU going to take the trophy home? While it’s devastating for NA to be excluded but it’s time to sit back and watch the play. 


Currently, the remaining teams are DRX, NAVI, FNATIC, and LOUD. 


Fans are hoping that FNATIC takes it as their players have ALWAYS been in almost every international event but never really made it to win the trophy. While teams like NAVI and LOUD have previously lifted trophies. 


Which team are you placing your bets on?

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