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Valorant Professional Sentinels Sick Got Arrested

Valorant Professional Sentinels Sick Got Arrested
Written by: Weeii

SicK masters 3

The Valorant Professional Sentinels Sick “Hunter Mims” got arrested following a trespassing crime in a Ferrari Dealership.


On March 4th, SEN Sick has been arrested for a trespassing crime in a Ferrari Dealership. 


According to the County Jail In Texas Sick has been arrested on the 4th of March and has been for 2 days. He is currently being held for a fee of $5,000. 




His last tweet was on March 3rd saying “I’m blowing up like I thought I would” following a deleted video with him calling Ferrari a disrespectful company as he was getting kicked out of the dealership’s office. “Get out of my office right now” as the video ended. 





What Happened?


After the boiling drama and rumors of Sick cheating on his Girlfriend and flirting with kyedae which has expanded and cleared on streams, sick has been looking not okay, many people wanted to help him but he continued getting pissed at anyone who thought of him as ill or not okay. 




Following up on the deleted video of SicK calling out Ferrari and saying that the police is involved, many people got concerned and wanted to reach out to him or his family because it appeared that Hunter needs help and is not doing well. 


ShahZam seems to have contacted SicK but received no response, hence he replied to his deleted tweet saying “Answer your phone” in words of concern and worrisome. 


This is the video that sick has deleted in which he was screamed at and ordered to exit the Ferrari dealership but he refused which caused the police to get involved. 

We hope that Sick is going to get the proper help and get out of Jail, but nothing is clear as what will happen next. 


Latest Information


The latest update that has been received, as of March 7th Sick is still in jail and has not been released yet. He is possibly held for a fine of $2,000 or a jail time of 180 days. 



Shown above is a picture of the official Collin Country website regarding Sick's arrest. 



Sentinels Responds


Finally, the CEO of Sentinels has come out with a statement regarding this situation. 



He stated that they are aware of his situation and his need of help, therefore they are going to take the necessary actions towards helping him. It was also said that family members got in contact with him to take care of the situation. 


Additionally, he stated that he is temporarily suspended from Sentinels and therefore they will be looking for a 6th man substitute for the upcoming VCT events. For all we know, Sick does not seem to be fired or kicked from the organization as Rob says "for the time being". On top of that Sick will need to complete a training upon his comeback to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

Rob has still not responded to any of Sick's statements that he was treated disrespectfully and not allowed in practice rooms even though he is a sub player for the team, and that is that. 

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