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xQc is coming to VALORANT by signing this insane F/A team

xQc is coming to VALORANT by signing this insane F/A team
Written by: Weeii


The famous twitch streamer “xQc” is set to enter the VALORANT esports scene by signing the Turtrle Troops F/A team


Turtle Troops is a Free agent team that performed incredibly well in the VCT NA Challengers circuit. Not only did they qualify in their league but they also nailed everyone’s attention hence the fans collected demanding this team to be signed. 


Rumors have been floating stating that xQc has laid eyes on their roster and is planning to make an entry into the VALORANT scene with that. 


This is both amazing and surprising news. Recently, the Esports scene has been struggling financially, especially in VALORANT. With Disguised Toast entering the scene and Moist Esports possibly sharing that too, it is quite a game changer for xQc to hop into that line. 


This can change and help esports in VALORANT drastically.


Governor, the team captain of Turtle Troops has made quite an exciting statement. Following up with their win against the big organization G2 in VCT Challengers NA he has said that there is a special announcement that he’d probably talk about the next day.

With these rumors floating, this almost confirms that their team will be signed to xQc or any other organization. 

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