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Shroud announces he is building a SHOOTER Game "Project Astrid"

Shroud announces he is building a SHOOTER Game "Project Astrid"
Written by: Weeii


Shroud drops the biggest and most unexpected announcement “Project Astrid” 




It all started on March 15th, when shroud tweeted that he will reveal his “biggest announcement” yet, with no previous leaks or information about what it could be. 


Many assumed it could be a huge collaboration or that he is back to compete in VALORANT or any other game, and with the recent rumors and leaks about CSGO 2 being a reality many also predicted that he might have something to say about that. 


It turns out, that is not the case, and we’re in for quite a bigger deal. 



Project Astrid




On March 16th, shroud announced that he will be making a game with Splash Damage under the name “Project Astrid” which is an AAA open-world survival game, developed in partnership with leading creators Sacriel and shroud. 


This might not seem as big of an announcement as it is, but in reality this collaboration is quite surprising and hopefully for the good. With shroud and Sacriel on the line, the standards and expectations to be met are quite high. 


Richard Jolly, CEO of Splash Damage said,

“Founding from friends who met in online PvP, Splash Damage has been passionate about crafting unforgettable multiplayer experiences for over 20 years. Project Astrid is the culmination of this passion, born out of a partnership with two close friends, who also happen to be incredibly well-respected experts in our industry. We’re excited to share something fresh with our fans as we take a bold step forward and craft a game that’s truly different from anything we’ve done before.”


Which goes to show that they are aiming for the top notch and to deliver something quite unique. 




And for as far as we know, it was being worked on from behind the scenes for years by now, Shroud expressed. 

Release Date


For all we know, the game is in a pre-production phase. Meaning it might be still too early to assume or predict when it will be out, but you can stay updated about all of the game’s information via social media following Splash Damage and shroud. 

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