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The Next Game Changers Championship And The Controversy Behind It

The Next Game Changers Championship And The Controversy Behind It
Written by: Weeii


Valorant Game Changers Championship has been confirmed and is coming to Sao Paul, Brazil. 



Last year teams of the Game Changers scene competed internationally for the title of the best team in the league, the female and marginalized genders league; Game Changers. When the dust settled, G2 Gozen from EMEA earned the title and took the trophy home. 


And now, Riot has unveiled details about the upcoming international events where those GC teams will compete once again, for the first place in their league to lift the trophy. 



The 2023 Game Changers Championship will take place at the esports arena at Riot Studios in São Paulo, Brazil, from Nov 28 to Dec 3. Teams will be able to qualify for the event by playing in their regional leagues and meeting the requirements which will take them into the international league. 


When it comes to the slots for each region, there will be a total of 8 teams from the respective regions. The picture above will show the exact slots for each region. 

The Controversy 


It would come as a surprise knowing that these decisions Riot made have caused quite some controversy and backlash from the community. While Riot always did their best to create an inclusive community for women and marginalized genders, they might have upsetted some with their decision to place the tournament in Brazil, Sao Paul after the last LOCK//IN event. 




In this tweet the professional player Version 1 Mel explain the flaws in Riot’s plan as to where there are very little slots for an international event. Allowing only 8 teams to be in the tournament, as opposed to 32 teams in the last international event. 


And it goes without saying, in the last event many have complained about the Brazilian crowd and their bias towards their favorite teams, leaving the stadium when they lose or aren’t playing. While this is controversial, nobody wants to play in an empty arena. 


Mel also expressed how unfair it as to have little slots even after the last International Game Changer Event as even her mother couldn’t up to support her. 




Another professional player brought to light that Brazil might not be the safest country for those of marginalized genders to feel completely safe going into. While there should be no assumptions made, it might still concern players going into the event in that regard. 

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