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Ardiis shares his opinion about the controversial player Sinatraa

Ardiis shares his opinion about the controversial player Sinatraa
Written by: Weeii


Ardiis gives his opinion on the controversial player Sinatraa and how possible it is for him to play professionally again

Sinatraa’s Story


The story of Sinatraa is quite known in the valorant community, it started on March 2021 when he faced allegations of sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend which escalated to start an investigation by both Sentinels (His Team) and Riot Games. 


It was also said that the authorities were involved, but fast forward now, there aren’t any confirmed charges against sinatraa. However, he was suspended by Riot temporarily for not cooperating with their internal investigation as professionally as a player should, and was forced to undergo a training course by them before being officially allowed to play in any league of Riots. 

Ardiis Shares His Opinion 


Ardiis has been asked on stream about what his take (opinion) would be on the famous player sinatraa, to which he responded. 


He stated that as soon as sinatraa says “I want to play” or “I want to go pro again” he will be able to join ANY team he wants to play in. 


He also underlined that people do not understand sinatraa’s value to esports and how good of a play he is. Calling him “The Goat Of Esports” 


Ardiis went as far to say, even if sinatraa would want to play minecraft he will simply become the best minecraft player as he becomes the best in any game he’s in. “It’s that simple” 


Aside from the allegations and what we believe about sinatraa, truth is he is an incredibly skilled player and has a lot of potential for the scene if he would decide to play again. 

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