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Riot's Controversial Secret Change

Riot's Controversial Secret Change
Written by: Weeii


Riot confirms that the missing “headshot” text is not a bug and is indeed intended for clarity purposes

The Controversial Change


Now there are 2 types of players, ones that kept playing and living their life just as normal after the most recent patch and ones that have been complaining about this issue that may or may not be minor. 


That issue is the missing headshot “text” under the kill banner which you get in case your kill was a headshot. After the recent patch, this text has been removed and many found it annoying and “unsatisfying” to hit headshots. 


In the newer patches, it looks more like that. While Riot haven’t made an official statement on their accounts or in their patch notes, one of the Riot devs responded on a reddit explaining more about the issue. 

Riot’s Response


With this, he stated that it is NOT a bug. Saying that this headshot text is not necessary and is just more clutter on the screen, while they aim to make it look cleaner and smoother, this did not pass the clarity check so they removed it. 


Of course, you are still able to tell if you hit a headshot by the effect (sparks or blood) and by looking at the kill feed or the kill logo which will have a little red X. 


This change is both okay and controversial; as the community divided into asking for this feature back at least as a toggle option since some loved it and found it satisfying to read or see the headshot text. 


On the other hand, there are people that never even noticed the text in the first place. 


In conclusion, we appreciate Riot’s constant care for the game but we wish that they will allow us to toggle this in the options as it is indeed, important for some. 

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