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The Shocking Yay Signing Announcement

The Shocking Yay Signing Announcement
Written by: Weeii

Most Creative & Surprising Signing Announcement in VALORANT


We all knew about the story of Cloud 9 dropping one of the best players in the history of VALORANT esports, yay. They dropped him right after their run in VCT LOCK//IN and that caused a bit of controversy as it can ruin his career knowing it’s not easy to sign a player like yay, especially when teams are full and locked in. 



And then comes the unexpected and teased announcement about Disguised Toast, signing yay to their VALORANT team. 


Aside from the surprise, the video they created is to be complimented as it’s very creative and entertaining, many of the people in the community took a liking to it and spoke about how it could be just the best signing video in a while. 




Disguised Toast have previously signed a Game Changers team to compete in their circuit in which they let go off after their run, and there the jokes began saying that the team was cut off just so they can afford to pay for yay. 




Which even the organization itself, has teased that it will be their next move to sign him which turns out, to be shockingly true. 

Yay’s Future


Following this, yay will be starting from somewhat the bottom. Coming from previously being in a Franchised / Partnered team, to Disguised Toast trying to make his way up once again through the challengers circuit in NA. We all believe in yay, and now, it’s his time to prove to the world once again, that he is still, one of the best.  

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