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Will Marved Take TenZ's Place As He Steps Down?

Will Marved Take TenZ's Place As He Steps Down?
Written by: Weeii

Sentinels Might Face Issues As Tenz Is Rumored To Take A Break


There are some rumors that have come to surface about TenZ taking a break from competing with Sentinels to take better care of his fiancee Kyedae as she’s been diagnosed with cancer not too long ago. 


With that, many people jumped to the most obvious conclusion which is Marved, the previous OPTiC player that SEN signed as a 6th player will take TenZ’s position during his time off competing. 


However, there might be some troubles awaiting the team as Marved did not acquire his visa to compete. Marved is Canadian which means he will need to get a work visa before he’s able to travel and play sports under sentinels in the Los Angelos base. For those who wonder, why didn’t he need one before? The answer is simple, the competition was online and not league based in which he needs to attend with that sort of Visa.

So What Will Happen?


With these circumstances, we might think that Sentinels are in trouble. They haven’t shown the best performance, as they won against 100 Thieves and had a really bad day playing against NRG which ended in a 0-2. 


SEN Marved is expected to acquire his visa soon, which will put him as a valid sub for TenZ. But with that we also wonder, what will he play? TenZ was on a duelist / flex role, which means there will be some essential changes before we Marved in the roster. 

Apr 22 at 11:40 PM
lil tip for writing articles regarding roster changes or rumors, put at the bottom that team's updated or rumored roster
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