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The Secret Valorant Skin Easter Egg

The Secret Valorant Skin Easter Egg
Written by: Weeii

Valorant Players Found Out About The Game’s Secret Easter Egg



We’ve all seen the new bundle “Black Market” that VALORANT released just a few days ago. However, what we did not know is that it has a hidden little easter egg, where there’s a small chance that the skin color (knife) will change for one round. These variants are “Fade, Blue Gem, or Tigertooth colored” 


All of these colors are very similar to CSGO which kind of puts VALORANT at a controversial position as the people question if they’ve straight up copied them with this bundle’s skin design. Another thing is that it’s priced at $70 which is the price of a premium bundle, for no animation and just pure skin design that changes when you swap sides in game. 



It’s also worth noting that the chance, is very slight. And we mean, very. It took one player 720 rounds in custom games to get to one of these variants. That may vary, you might be the lucky one and find it in as little as 60 rounds or you might take your time to ever find it. Some players reported that it also stayed for the entire half and not just the round. 




And you might be unlucky, and take a very long time before it even shows up. We do not know if this will be a permanent thing, we hope it is, and good luck finding that variant in your next games! 

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