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Yay Plays His First Professional Match In A While

Yay Plays His First Professional Match In A While
Written by: Weeii

Yay Plays His First Professional Match In A While


We’ve all heard about yay’s signing to the organization Disguised Toast (DSG) and while we all were shocked it came to reality that he is actually looking to compete and play in that team hopefully with purpose of making his way up to the highest league once again. 


After yay has been dropped by Cloud 9, we all thought we will not see him and that his career is done for as the timing was pretty unfortunate, but luckily we’ve got to see him play today against Oxygen and that did not go as well as we would’ve wished for. 




The match ended up with a fashionable 2-0 to Oxygen, the maps played were Haven and Pearl. The first map ended up on a 13-6 scoreline for Oxygen which was a dominant performance by them. 


The second map was a lot closer in score but Oxygen still pulled off the win in overtime ending in 15-13. 


It’s worth to note that DSG headed in with new roles for their players as “clear” moved over to Controller from Duelist and yay took over that role mainly playing Jett. Which left their other newest player “nerve” to fulfill the sentinel role. 

While they have not met expectations, you should keep in mind that this is yay’s first official ever since Feburary 18th, 2023. Furthermore, yay did not perform badly by any means finishing up the series with 173 ACS (Average Combat Score) but many will agree it isn’t anywhere close to his glory.

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