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Sacy Enters Valorant's History By Hitting Rank 1 In BR, EU and NA

Sacy Enters Valorant's History By Hitting Rank 1 In BR, EU and NA
Written by: Weeii

Sentinels Sacy Proves He Is The Best Player In Every Region


The famous player and champion SEN Sacy has proved himself worthy of being Number 1 in both ranked and professional VALORANT. Back home, In Brazil he achieved Rank 1 Radiant whilst being under the organization LOUD. 


Now you might say, he is a professional player, of course he can do that. Now here’s the thing, during VALORANT Champions 2022 he also hit Rank 1 Radiant in EU. That is insanely absurd as players usually don’t have that much time & they need to practice to stay sharp for the competition, and yet, he pulled it off. 


If that’s not enough, he also just hit the hattrick by getting Rank 1 Radiant in NA, too. 




He tweeted about his announcement coldly saying “Photo 3 Classic” which is him indicating that this, is not a big deal for him. Which comes to be a very Sacy like behavior as if you remember, he mentioned previously he came to VALORANT from League Of Legends and now we see him at the highest tier of play amongst the scene. 

What Did It Take?


For Sacy, not much. Yes, hitting Rank 1 Radiant isn’t easy, but he managed to do it in 3 different regions and he did it in NA as he played just 127 matches. He had a win rate of 69% and an 80% KAST (Killed, Assisted, Survived, Traded). 


Those stats are very high, and they only indicate that Sacy, is a different player not only in professional lobbies but even in Ranked

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