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Hardest Name In Valorant History

Hardest Name In Valorant History
Written by: Weeii

The Hardest Pro Player Name In VCT History


If you’re a VALORANT Caster, the last thing you’d want to deal with is pronouncing a hard name incorrectly and receiving the community’s reaction to it. Well, this player from Attacking Soul Esports who’s known as “hfmi0dzjc9z7” might just be every caster’s nightmare. 




One of VALORANT’s desk analysts made a comment regarding this just as EDG and Attacking Soul Esports qualified and secured a spot to VCT Tokyo (by points, as they’re from China) in which she said “hfmi0dzjc9z7” with the redbull clutch!!! Which is poking fun at one of the famous lines that Casters usually use during clutch situations. 



With that, it’s for sure that we’re all wondering how to pronounce this player’s name and how the casters will deal with it. A very likely chance that they will use his real name “Zhang” to avoid attempting that. 


Maybe it’s time for the Casters to learn some Chinese alphabet and come up with the way to pronounce his name. 


But if you are wondering yourself, there is indeed a proper pronunciation to hfmi0dzjc9z7’s name, that goes without saying every single letter which will leave it at “ZmjjKK” 


For all we know, this is one more thing to look forward to in VCT Tokyo.

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