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Sentinels SicK Gets Arrested Again

Sentinels SicK Gets Arrested Again
Written by: Weeii

Sentinels SicK Gets Arrested Again For Criminal Trespassing 


The professional VALORANT player SEN SicK has been arrested for the second time for the same charges as last time. He got arrested for Criminal Trespassing on May 8th. 


According to Collin Country records, he is charged with Class B Criminal Trespassing which is the exact same as his previous charge at the Ferrari Dealership. 

Many knew that SicK is not himself as he’s been acting off a lot lately ever since his last arrest 3 months ago, with all of the incidents he seemed to have a breakdown, and while many of his family members and even friends tried reaching out to help, it was no use. 


One of his former teammates ShahZam, made a tweet asking everyone to not judge him as he’s not being himself. That’s a follow-up to many of the controversial tweets that SicK has made during the last few days. He also appeared to be extremely unwell in his latest stream as he slurred all of his words and did not seem okay. 




The Journalist George Geddes made a tweet about his arrest as it was going to go public, and he thought it’d be better to share from his side while asking the community to stand by and support SicK during his hard time. Everybody memorizes him for being a kind and genuine person. 




The best course of action for us as a community is to not flare at SicK or anyone else and rather continue being supportive and hope for his family and friends to be able to give him the help he needs. While we don’t have many details about his arrest just yet, we hope that he’ll be able to get out of jail and get the help he needs.


Current Update



It seems that SicK has now been released from jail. While this is good news, we are still concerned about his health and well-being as he doesn't seem to be himself yet. 

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