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Sentinels Confirm Their New Roster

Sentinels Confirm Their New Roster
Written by: Weeii

Sentinels Confirm Their Roster For The Remainder Of VCT Americas


Sentinels is one of the most watched teams in the history of VALORANT, and as of recently, they failed to deliver to the expectations the fans had coming in VCT Americas. With a tough 2-5 record, they are facing the danger of missing out on the playoffs which essentially means, not qualifying for VCT Tokyo.

It can be clear that they’ve had a hard time adjusting as their star player TenZ did not participate in any of the last 4 matches due to illness and finger injury. Alongside the roster changes such as parting ways with the IGL dephh and Head Coach Sykkno, it’s been rather difficult for them. 

However, Sentinels are now getting ready to win their next 2 matches as that will be their only shot to get a chance of qualifying in VCT Americas. With that, they’ve confirmed their roster going on forward in which Marved becomes a main player.

Moreover, the star player TenZ is back on the field. 


The fan’s concern raises as there is no clear IGL in the squad. While Sentinels did not specify what the team roles or agent pool is going to look like, it goes without saying that these next 2 matches are very important for them and that they are definitely aware of that. From here, what do you expect? Will Sentinels come down from the bottom and make it to qualify, or will they fail with this roster?  

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