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Sentinels Still Have A Shot For Playoffs

Sentinels Still Have A Shot For Playoffs
Written by: Weeii

Will Sentinels Qualify?


We all recognize Sentinels as one of the fan-favorite teams in the VCT Americas League or even across the scene in VALORANT. They are without a doubt the most watched team of our Esport, however, they did not have the greatest time ever since their initial dominating victory in VCT Masters Iceland. From there, it’s only been a collection of losses for them as they’ve fallen out of the meta and did not make it anywhere far in the recent leagues. 

Although this season is where they constructed a new roster aiming to break that and finally qualify and win another trophy. With the unfortunate circumstances that they’ve been through such as Roster changes, TenZ’s injury, and more, they did not perform up to expectations. 


In the most recent match, Sentinels won against KRU Esports in a 2-0 fashion demonstrating the power behind their new roster and that they are indeed still, in the game.


That essentially leaves a chance open for Sentinels to still qualify for playoffs and have a long shot at going to VCT Tokyo, hope is still there for them.


There will be a final match between FURIA and SEN where TenZ mentioned, they are more than ready for. Qualifying will also be determined by the other team’s matches and how it progresses through. 


“We’re not banking on getting into playoffs, but if it happens it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t” 

TenZ said in a post-match interview.

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