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Disguised Toast Reveal Their Shocking $1 Million Loss For This Year

Disguised Toast Reveal Their Shocking $1 Million Loss For This Year
Written by: Weeii

Disguised Toast End The Year With An Unexpected Money Loss 


DSG Toast ventured into the Esports scene knowing that it is a complete risk, as it was elaborated to be one of the most unsteady and unstable sources of income. Aside from him knowing that he persisted in making his way into VALORANT Esports by signing a team to hopefully compete and get to the highest levels. However, this year did not look bright for DSG as their games have not lived up to the expectations, which is quite normal, but it comes as shock that he is spending “twice as much” as he has predicted by the end of this year. 




Finishing the year with approximately a -$1,000,000 loss is not an easy thing to take, but it was a risk that he willingly took in order to bring the DSG valorant roster to life. This goes to prove, that Esports have never been stable and that organizations often struggle to profit which is why it ends up being more difficult for many of the talents and players to find their place in a similar industry. 




Toast has also stated that they might start taking more partnership opportunities in order to help keep the team going as these expenses are getting to crazy unjustifiable numbers. Especially after signing the famous player “yay” It must be tough to maintain that along with everything else needed for an esports team to compete in the VCT Circuit. 

What’s Next?




A fan thanked Toast for his transparency and asked him when he would expect to make profit out of this project, to which, toast replied with a gif saying “We don’t do that here” recognizing that there might be just no profit at all coming back from this project. 

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