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VCT Masters Tokyo: Schedule, Format & Everything You Need To Know

VCT Masters Tokyo: Schedule, Format & Everything You Need To Know
Written by: Weeii


VCT Masters Tokyo Date, Schedule, Format & More


A few months sets us apart from the next VALORANT international tournament which is to take place in Tokyo. 


At the start of each year, VALORANT plans its “Champions Tour” which is the way professional teams compete across their respective regions and to qualify for international events. There are 3 international tournaments each year, VCT LOCK//IN in Sao Paul was the first one for 2023. As teams have played in their leagues to earn their spot, the preparations for VCT Tokyo are being made. 




Schedule & Format


The event will take place from June 11th until June 25th. This includes both Group Bracket and Playoffs. There will be 12 teams participating will be from across the regions, EMEA, Americas, Pacific, and China with it being the newest addition to the pool. Below are the respective dates for both stages of the competition:


  • Group Stage: June 11-14 
  • Playoffs: June 16-25


Starting with the Group Stage, we can see that this tournament will have a Two Group, Double Elimination bracket. 


For each group, there will be a higher and lower seeding depending on how teams perform along with the goodbyes to those who lose twice. 


Moving on to the Playoffs, it will continue on the same double elimination progress ending with a crowned winner. Teams playing in the playoffs are unknown as of yet, they need to undergo the group stage and only qualified teams will play on this stage. 



Notably, the fans are overly excited about the opening show match between NRG and NAVI. Starting off with a classical NA vs EU rivalry, with both of these teams being excellent and known for their incredible performance. 


What are your predictions for the next match? To say the least, VCT Tokyo will spark the fire once again with the list of teams competing, starting with these two. 

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