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Valorant Pro Twisten Passes Away

Valorant Pro Twisten Passes Away
Written by: Weeii

Team Vitality Valorant Pro Twisten Passes Away At The Age Of 19


It recently came to light after the French organization “Team Vitality” announced over Twitter that one of their active players “Twisten” has passed away. According to the team’s assistant coach, the player took his own life, which struck everyone as shocking and very saddening news. 



That along, In February Twisten shared that he was battling depression for a while and that he had spent time at a mental hospital due to self-harming behaviors. 


Vitality wrote a statement regarding the situation: 


“We are deeply saddened by this devastating loss, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends in this difficult time”


“The whole Team Vitality organization is devastated by this news, and we will be stopping all communication for the rest of the day.”

They also spoke about the importance of mental health in a follow up tweet, encouraging anyone who’s suffering from depression or any mental issues to seek help. 




Twisten has shared one last tweet before passing away, at the evening of June 6th, he said “Good Night” 


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