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Interview with StaticMMIV, Valorant content creator

Interview with StaticMMIV, Valorant content creator
Image Credit: Insomnia
Written by: Yoann

Yoann: Hey, everyone! Today I'm with StaticMMIV, Valorant Content Creator!

When did you first start posting videos on the internet?


Static: Hey! Well, I think everybody has posted something when they were younger. And the first time I ever posted something was in 2017, it was like a high school montage or something. That’s when I started getting into content.

Yoann: And why did you choose Valorant?


Static: I originally come from CS-GO, and I feel like it’s not really a content friendly game. Most of the stuff is about gambling, and it's something I'm really against. CS-GO doesn't get as many content updates as you would want to make content. I don't want to call it stale but it basically is.


So when I moved to Valorant, I was much more engaged, which allowed me to think about content in a better way!

Yoann: Great! How would you describe the content you are making, and what's your secret?


Static: Hahaha there's no secret! I think what differs my videos from everyone else is me. You could have the exact same editor, but if the person behind the microphone isn't entertaining, the video isn't going to be entertaining.


I started off making tips & tricks Valorant videos, but I didn't really enjoy it as much as I did when I first started it. So I moved on to entertainment stuff. And I realized the more that I include my personality, the better the video would do. 

Yoann: That’s for sure! What's your daily routine looking like right now?


Static: Well, right now I'm kind of unproductive. I either have a productive day or an unproductive one. 

On a productive one, I’d wake up, make a TikTok, and then I would take a little break, play the game off stream. Playing the game off stream is like a lot better than paying on stream. You get to chill. And then, I’ll stream! That’s a productive day to me. 


And then unproductive is just playing the game off stream all day, 12 games a day. It's not good but I'm trying to fix it!

Yoann: You've been grinding your way up to Radiant, what can you tell us about that? 


Static: It’s a lot of stress! When you care about something so much and when there are so many factors that you can't control, it can only stress you.

But once you get it, once you get Radiant, it becomes a lot easier to get again!

I spent time practicing my aim, because I already had the game sense to be Radiant, it was just that I wasn't killing enough for most of the games.


I feel like in ranked aim is 90% of what you need and then the other 10% is like 5% mental, 5% game sense.

Yoann: Yeah I agree. Are you following the Valorant esports scene?


Static: Yeah of course! I'm a huge fan!

Yoann: So which team do you see winning the next event in Tokyo?


Static: That's a very hard question because a lot of teams look scary! Liquid, Fnatic, Loud, NRG, PRX... that's going to be crazy. It's really hard to predict.

Yoann: I 100% agree! Will you watch party the event?


Static: I'm trying to figure out the permissions, I really want to.

But the matches are at 4 a.m. That is way too early for me, I'll figure it out. I'll see what I can do.


Yoann: Yeah that’s right. Let’s now move on to the quick questions. I'm going to ask you ten quick questions and you'll have to answer as fast as possible. Ready? 

Phantom or Vandal? 


Static: Phantom.

Yoann: Great. What's your favorite map?


Static: Haven.

Yoann: What's your favorite agent?


Static: Astra!

Yoann: Nice! Do you prefer getting a clutch or an ace? 


Static: An ace!

Yoann: What's your favorite skin collection?


Static: Araxys!

Yoann: Can you name the seven teams that won an international event?


Static: Optic, Fanatic, FPX... There are four more... Sentinels, Loud, Gambit…


Yoann: The last team won Champions 2021.


Static: Damn. I don't know.


Yoann: It was Acend! Everyone seems to have forgotten this one. 


Static: Yeah! 

Yoann: What's your favorite team in each region?


Static: In EMEA Fnatic. In Pacific Paper Rex I think my favorite because they're crazy.

Playing Reyna in the finals, just makes me a fan!


In the Americas, my favorite team is KRU. They remind me of me, always losing.

Yoann: Oh, that’s interesting. I hope they’ll improve for LCQ!


Static: Yeah, I hope so too, being in that team is probably super hard mentally.

Yoann: Can you quote a voice line from your favorite agent?


Static: From Astra then. “Haha, I'm too sharp for them!”

Yoann: Awesome haha! Do you plan on playing Premier when it releases this summer?


Static: Yeah I do. I do want to play the full thing when it releases!


Yoann: And will you win once again?


Static: Of course you know me! 

Yoann: Perfect! Let's get back to the standard questions. 

How do you feel about the meta right now with the brand new changes?


Static: I like the current meta agents wise. I'm not sure about the guns. But the agents, there's an infinite amount of options.

But the guns, I hate the shotguns so much!


Yoann: What would you change to the game if you were a developer?


Static: Shotguns 100%. I would remove them, they don't deserve to be in a game like Valorant. 

I remember I was watching Fnatic play on Split, and Derke got two kills when he shouldn't with a shotgun. The enemies used 3 pieces of utility to counter him and they still died. It's crazy!

Yoann: Yeah I agree! What are your passions or hobbies outside of gaming in general?


Static: I love editing. I find it therapeutic. It sounds boring, but all I've been doing for the past year, is working on content and streaming. I haven't had time for other hobbies.


But if I was going to get into other hobbies again, my favorite would be table tennis.

Yoann: All right. What are your short and long term ambitions on Valorant?


Static: My short term is to try to enjoy the game again, I've found some sort of enjoyment again recently, but it's not enough. It's not the same as when I was grinding to get to Radiant. There’s something in you that just keeps you playing.


But once you hit Radiant, it's just different. 

Yoann: Premier was this motivation for me at least!


Static: Yeah, Premier this is a step in the right direction, 100%.

Yoann: What would you tell someone aspiring to become a full-time content creator?

Static: Don't think about the specifics and the numbers. Just make a video and focus on improving.

I remember back then I was so focused on views and I realized it's not really that important.


Just make the content focus on getting better. Once you do start getting better, the views will come eventually.


Yoann: Thank you! Is there anything else you wanted to add?


Static: Valorant, please remove the Judge! I think everybody can get behind that!

Also rest in peace Twisten, he was such a pleasure to play with in ranked when I got him in my team, and his passion and energy on stage is something I’ll never forget watching. 


Yoann: Yes definitely, we will miss him, may he rest in peace. 

Thank you for your time, I wish you the best!


Static: Thank you!


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