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How Paper Rex Managed To Prank The Valorant Community

How Paper Rex Managed To Prank The Valorant Community
Written by: Weeii

How VALORANT Pro “something” Pranked The Community


While VALORANT Master Tokyo is ongoing, there have been a few teams that faced struggled due to visa issues. Most notably, the star players of both the teams Paper Rex and Evil Geniuses. We all heard about the possibility of Demon1 not making it to Tokyo, although he was able to get his visa just in time to board before the tournament. 




Something from Paper Rex, on the other hand, has still not been able to receive his visa as the process is still ongoing. Aside from how difficult it is for a team to practice with a certain player and end up playing with a substitute, something is notably the star player of the team who has helped them through many stages to qualify for this event. 




Although he didn’t receive his visa yet, he successfully managed to prank the fans and journalists that he already went to Tokyo which isn’t true. He did that by posting a picture without any context. 


The CEO of Paper Rex seems to call out journalists for not doing enough research and picking up on the news without proper reasons. While his tone seems mad, he might be just teasing the community for getting pranked that easily. 

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