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The Awaited Match Up Between FNATIC And EG

The Awaited Match Up Between FNATIC And EG
Written by: Weeii

The Awaited Matchup Is About To Happen In VCT Tokyo


You have definitely heard of FNATIC, the dominating team that won the last VALORANT Masters at ease. With the hearing of that team, you will recognize the name Derke who is the star duelist for the team that sets us up for amazing plays that will always be entertaining to watch. 


While FNATIC is the fan favorite going into the tournament, it has come to attention that Evil Geniuses is on a rampage of a run. They seem strong, confident, and unstoppable, especially when hearing about the upcoming talent that has been everyone’s concern lately, Demon1. 


After both teams excitedly beat Paper Rex and Team Liquid on Monday, they both booked themselves a match-up on June 21st. (June 20th in North America) 




It is obvious by now that both Derke and Demon1 are looking to play each other, as both previously mentioned that they are up for the challenge and wish to get to the server against each other.  


In terms of stats, Derke is currently 3rd on the event’s ranking just behind two of his teammates while Demon1 is further down that list. 



During a press conference, Derke mentioned that he wants to face up against Demon1 to see how that battle plays out. 


“I wanted to face him when he was playing in the Americas season. I’m really excited for that.” Derke, said. 


As this match-up is set to happen very soon, we can’t help but wait to see the battle of the gods. 

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