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Valorant Pro Gets Fired Over Making Racist Comments

Valorant Pro Gets Fired Over Making Racist Comments
Written by: Weeii

Valorant Pro Player Gets Fired Over Racist Comments 


TenTen, a professional Valorant player for the organization NORTHEPTION, had his contract terminated after making racist comments during a ranked match to a player who happened to be streaming on Twitch. He later apologized for his actions on Twitter. 


The twitch streamer posted on twitter about the interaction he had with the professional player, as TenTen appeared saying “f**ck India* to the streamer who is from Indonesia. The post went viral gaining a lot of views and attention as a contracted professional player should not behave in these manners. 


Shortly afterwards the organization made an official announcements in a twitter post stating that his contract has been terminated and that this behaviour is not supported or tolerated under their advisement. Which goes to show, even if you are an amazing player, morals come first. 


“The racist comments made this time are unacceptable under any circumstance, and we take the situation very seriously,” NORTHEPTION said.


“We sincerely apologize for any discomfort or concern this may have caused.”

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