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New Agent Codename & More Leaked

New Agent Codename & More Leaked
Written by: Weeii

New Agent Codename Confirmed & More


As you venture into Valorant’s Code File, you might stumble upon some wonders we haven’t seen yet. As such, there have been some leaks found for a new agent codename and a sound file which can give us some insight into what they will look like. 


Starting with the most important piece of information, what will the Agent’s role be? As you can easily guess, it was confirmed earlier this year to have 3 new agents added to Valorant that being an Initiator, Sentinel, and Duelist.




This essentially means the agent with the codename GIRAFFE will definitely be a Duelist


In the file sound, you will be hearing a bunch of robotic sounds that are very similar to KAYO’s, meaning the new addition to the agent pool might give our sweet KAYO a friend. 


But that is not all you can conclude, as we have seen with Deadlock, her robotic arm is the cause for her precise and more advanced utility (storywise) which means this new agent might hold new advanced abilities to help frag or specifically ease the process of entering sites as they will be a duelist. 




Furthermore, you can find more interesting and mysterious material if you head into the secret room in The Range. Before a new agent or big event comes out, this room had always had some sort of hints referring to it. 


As you go there, you will find a message where Viper is expressing an incoming Danger to the kingdom. In that, she mentioned the “K-Sec” contact which can be a referral to the very new agent. If you think about it, robotic sounds might equal new technology which leads to new set of abilities that can be prescribed as “Danger” to the kingdom assuming kingdom here is “Valorant” the game. 


Although, from these messages it seems very early on to build up speculations but it was still worth a thought. If this turns out to be of truth, that means the new Agent will be completely OP with a new, interesting kit and storyline as he rivals the rest of the agent pool. 

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