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New Changes To Substitute Rules Are Reportedly Coming To VCT 2024

New Changes To Substitute Rules Are Reportedly Coming To VCT 2024
Written by: Weeii

VCT 2024 Substitute Rules Might Have A Big Change 


As we know, the Valorant Champion Tour’s end is coming soon as we seal 2023 with VCT Champions in Los Angeles. With that, we will be introduced to the new system, format, and rulings of VCT 2024. Some of the reported changes that could be quite impactful, especially for the tier 2 scene, are regarding the substitute system. 


As per Blix’s report, Riot might start allowing teams to sign Challenger League pros as subs to their team. Taking a look at many of the big organizations competing in VCTs, they often resulted to signing their coaches and/or content creators as sub-players since the ruling requires at least one substitute player. 


We have seen Karmine Corps play with their coaches because they did not have any professional player signed on their 6th spot, which is where this ruling can help benefit the tier 2 scene as it will allow more players to be picked in Tier 1 opportunities while being paid at least the VCT’s minimum if they qualify. 


The official schedule for 2024 is expected to come by in the middle of January and end around the middle of September. Giving us a new exciting journey, especially with these rulings that might make it into the book and demonstrate how it can positively affect the scene as a whole. 

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