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TenZ Predicts VCT Champion Winner

TenZ Predicts VCT Champion Winner
Written by: Weeii

TenZ gives his prediction for Valorant Champions 2023 Winner


Valorant Champions have finally concluded its groups play, leaving only 8 teams to advance to the playoffs. The 8 remaining teams are all lethal, showed dominating performance and are all eager to be crowned as the next Valorant Champions. But who is going to win? Is there any team that can compete with FNATIC’s unstoppable win streak? Let’s see what TenZ thought about this. 


FNATIC are the winners of both VCT LOCK//IN and VCT Tokyo, being the first team to ever win 2 international masters event in a row. And so far, they are looking incredibly determined and deadly to get the third one as they advanced to playoffs at ease winning both of their matches. 



“I think FNATIC are just favorites to win their match-up and also just favorites to win the event,” TenZ said on his live stream. 


Then he added, “There is a potential for an upset, I think it’s small, but there is a chance. But then also there is a bigger chance that FNATIC is just going to sweep all the events this year.” 

FNATIC is going to play LOUD on the 16th of August starting the playoffs double-elimination bracket. It is a highly regarded match-up and everyone is excited to see if FNATIC is still in form to cruise even through their playoff matches. Can anyone dethrone the EMEA kings? Only time will tell.

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