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This Agent Is Dominating VCT Champions 2023

This Agent Is Dominating VCT Champions 2023
Written by: Weeii

Valorant Champions continues its glory, bringing us the most hype matches to further embrace the Esports scene. However, as that happens you will start to notice, that most professionals in the tournament have a specific choice whether it be in regard to guns, agent compositions, or strategies. This brings a question, who is the most picked agent in Valorant Champions 2023 so far? Well, let’s find out! 

The Agent Dominating Pick Rates In Champions 


You might think that this agent is a duelist, more specifically, Jett. However, that is surprisingly not the case. Throughout the tournament so far, there has been one agent that dominated the pick % and cleared every other agent. Can you guess who it is? 


This agent, is Killjoy. According to, Killjoy has been picked most by teams in Champions 2023. Now the event is still ongoing, so the percentage might change but we doubt that will shift the odds in favor of any other agent as this Sentinel seems to be structured in the current Valorant Meta. 



As far as this goes, some professionals decided to speak about the Agent Balance of the game giving more insights on how Riot should try to further equalize the opportunity each agent gives you. 


"Passive lane watching is deemed necessary on a lot of maps by most teams and KJ clears all in that role, hence her pick%. I’m curious to see where Riot stands with that aspect of gameplay.” DrewSpark said. 


We are definitely entering the Killjoy era now, as that happens, we can’t help but wonder if Killjoy will have any upcoming changes in the near future. 

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