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Valorant Pros Are Disappointed With VCT 2024 Schedule

Valorant Pros Are Disappointed With VCT 2024 Schedule
Written by: Weeii

Riot Games has finally released the schedule for the 2024 season of Valorant Champions Tour. However, this has received some negative feedback as many professional players are unhappy with the changes made to the schedule. 



Leo Faria, the head of Valorant Global Esports has always been criticized for not having a structure that provides stability to Tier 2 Valorant. One of the main reasons Tier 2 is “not worthy to invest in” is the long off-seasons as organizations always revert to dropping their roster to cut costs. 

Pro Players Are Unhappy With The New Schedule

One of the main points given as feedback to this brand new schedule is how it provides 0 rest for teams that qualify for tournaments and still leaves most teams to have a 6 month long off-season, which means it did not resolve any of the previous issues mentioned. 


“can we at least get some explanation why we are not getting longer season where people can actually rest in mid-season, instead of playing non-stop especially if you are qualifying to every event?” Chronicle, said.




When teams get laid off for 5-6 months with nothing to do, organizations will have to drop their roster in order to avoid paying players for practically nothing to compete in. That’s why having huge gaps between the seasons is concerning for Tier 2 teams that try their best but fail to qualify.


Many other pros voiced the same opinions as Nismo and Chronicle, which leads us to question, when does Valorant Esports become finally stable and well-structured considering all of those aspects? 

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