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The New Valorant Premier, What is it, How to play it, and Everything you need to know

The New Valorant Premier, What is it, How to play it, and Everything you need to know
Written by: Weeii

Premier is swinging our way starting the new season right as Episode 7 Act 2 kicks in. On August 29th, the mode Premier will be available with its new season to compete for a chance to earn a unique gun buddy, title, and more. 

What Is Premier? 


Back in 2022, Riot Games mentioned their vision of a game mode beyond competitive matchmaking, a clear pathway to becoming a determined professional player. Many young talents in the game aspire to become an icon in the Esports scene, but unfortunately, the industry is not quite easy and opportunities might be hard to find. 




And that’s why, Premier is here. It is the closest you can get to becoming a professional player, by forming a team of 5 (up to 7) players competing in divisions and advancing to earn the title of champion.  


This Premier mode was around for a while, however, this is the Global Open Beta. Premier will finally kick in at the end of August.

Can I Play Premier?


Everyone has a fair chance to compete in Premier starting on August 29th. All you need to do is verify your account with your phone number to become eligible to queue, then, you can simply create a team and invite your teammates who also need to be verified. However, make sure you are in good standing as if you are banned or muted you will not be able to queue up.


Once you’ve built a roster, you will be placed in a division where you’ll play a season of a mix of weekly matches and tournaments. And if you do come out swinging and prove that you’ve got what it takes to win, you may advance to the end-of-season tournament where you will battle to become the Premier Division Champions. 

Valorant Premier Divisions


The new Premier mode will have 5 Divisions, each with its respective ranking. Here are the Divisions ranked from Highest To Lowest: 

  • Contender
  • Elite 1 – 5
  • Advanced 1 – 5
  • Intermediate 1 – 5
  • Open 1 – 5


Now if you’re wondering how your team will be placed in a division, it is entirely up to the MMR (Match Making Rating) of your top 5 players. This ensures that you have a fair match towards the beginning, from there, you can progress and advance to higher divisions.



Premier Queue Window


After the enrollment phase is over, you can head to the Premier Hub page where you will find the queue times in your own timezone, according to the respective region that you chose previously when creating the team. 

Premier Overtime Rules


This mode is coming in with a new twist, your Overtime(s) on Premier will not be quite the same as when you’re playing Ranked. Here is how OT is played in Premier:

  • The first team to reach round 12 gains “Overtime Priority”
  • The team with Overtime Priority gets to choose a starting side by a simple voting system (Based on Majority Votes)
  • Overtime win must be by 2 rounds, every round you will swap sides.
  • After 3 Overtime(s), you will play Sudden Death. Last team with Overtime Priority gets to choose side

And finally, to qualify for the Playoffs Tournament, teams must earn 675 points.

Premier Rewards


Of course, after putting in sweat and tears into this game mode you will be greeted with amazing rewards if you do win. Here are the set rewards for Premier as of now: 

  • Premier Champion Gunbuddy
  • Premier Title for Winners
  • Player Card for playing at least one match

All rewards will be dropped on October 23rd, right after the end of the Launch Stage. So get your gear ready, you have a championship to take over!


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