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FNATIC's Head Coach Is Stepping Down

FNATIC's Head Coach Is Stepping Down
Written by: Weeii

FNATIC’s Head Coach “mini” confirmed that he will be stepping down from the position in order to pursue a more “work-life balance”. Although he noted that he is still in talks with FNATIC to figure out a suitable future, he is still exploring offers from other teams. 

FNATIC’s Head Coach Leaves The Team


Mini is known to be one of the greatest coaches in the game, proven by his astonishing achievements with FNATIC there is no doubt that he took part in the team getting the championship back-to-back in a row. 




In his tweet he cleared that the reason he is leaving has nothing to do with losing; it’s about finding a suitable position for him because his life-work balance is not what he’s looking for. 


He also said that he is still in talks with FNATIC while exploring options, so the future remains unknown. However, he already changed his twitter bio to “ex-Head Coach for FNATIC” 




Following up, the head director of FNATIC posted an update that the position will be open on their page so you can submit an application. This means, we may or may not see a new coach for FNATIC pretty soon. 

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