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M80 Reportedly will sign a CSGO star to its Valorant Roster

M80 Reportedly will sign a CSGO star to its Valorant Roster
Written by: Weeii

According to the Valorant reporter Max Katz, the organization M80 is looking to sign nitr0 as he makes a Valorant comeback after retiring from Counter-Strike. Nitr0 is known amongst the community as he used to be one of the best IGLs in the game, and now, it may be time to see him on the server once again. 



M80 Roster Updates


Nitr0 was a former player and IGL for 100 Thieves, during his journey, he proved to be one of the worthy players as he brought a lot of value into any team he played for. Now, after his latest tournament in Dallas he confirmed that he will be retiring from CS:GO and coming back to Competitive Valorant. 




The reporter confirmed that M80 is set to re-sign its existing players with the addition of the nitr0 as an IGL, with that, their 5th player remain unconfirmed. 


It may be hard to guess who the 5th player could be for M80 as the possibilities are infinite.



However, interestingly enough, Cloud9 made a post about an unknown “transfer” between the 2 orgs. (Cloud9 and M80). C9 is a franchised organization and M80 is a runner-up in the Ascension League. 


The agreement says: “We are pleased to announce a significant transfer agreement between two prominent esports organizations, Cloud9, and M80. This transfer marks an exciting moment in the competitive gaming world and showcases our commitment to strengthening our rosters to achieve greater success in the esports arena.” 


With that, the C9 Valorant account commented that they are “cooking” but that’s about all we know. 


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