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Moist Esports Merge Valorant Roster With Shopify Rebels

Moist Esports Merge Valorant Roster With Shopify Rebels
Written by: Weeii

Shopify Rebellion merges its Valorant roster with Moist Esports, creating a unique remark in the game’s Esports scene as this isn’t something we see every day. 


MxS Is Coming To Valorant


The two organizations are combining their Valorant rosters, as per the announcements. The new team, now called Moist x Shopify Rebellion or (MxS), will have a mixed roster to represent them both in Challengers in 1 slot. 




With that combination, it is expected that there will be an open slot for the circuit qualifier as these two teams will be competing on one hand. For those who don’t know, Shopify has been a prominent Esports organization in NA, although they missed the last challengers they are back again with Moist.



Moist on the other hand just recently entered the scene, under the supervision of Ludwig they are aiming to dominate and prove themselves in Valorant. 

The Roster for the upcoming tournaments will be: 


  • Brock ‘brawk’ Somerhalder
  • Xavier ‘flyuh’ Carlson
  • Adam ‘mada’ Pampuch
  • Brady ‘thief’ Dever
  • Victor ‘v1c’ Truong
  • Jared ‘mac’ Schneider (Head Coach)
  • Chad ‘Oderus’ Miller (Assistant Coach)

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