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Fans Think Pacific Region Will Dominate Next VCT

Fans Think Pacific Region Will Dominate Next VCT
Written by: Weeii

Following up on previous leaks regarding the player “yay” joining BLEED in the Pacific Region, it is now confirmed. But now that we see one of the best players in Valorant in the Pacific region, along with many other superstars, is it time we see the region dominate VCT



Fans Think Pacific Region Will Dominate Next VCT


After the BLEED Esports announcement of yay joining the team, it became clear that the region is making some big and exciting moves. That excited almost everyone whether they are from the region or not, and it also creates the question, will we start seeing Pacific teams take over VCT? 




Yay is not the only superstar player that is set to be playing in the region, as Paper Rex (the #1 team in the region) is hungry for trophies finishing second at VCT Champions. They also have been looking good in regards to roster moves, as they acquired the player “monyet” which is pretty exciting. 


Now that yay signed with a Pacific Team, it is proof that diversity is a viable option in Esports and with the help of super talent and how dedicated the region is, we might see an era of Pacific teams dominating VCTs. 

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