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Brazilian Valorant Pro Gets Banned Mid Tournament For Racism

Brazilian Valorant Pro Gets Banned Mid Tournament For Racism
Written by: Weeii

A Brazilian Valorant pro player has been suspended from a tournament whilst it’s ongoing due to racist remarks that were brought to attention. The player in question is “xand” and below you will find more information about the incident: 


Valorant Pro Gets Banned


Xand is a Valorant professional player who also used to compete in CS:GO, he also played in many big teams such as FURIA, Ninja In Pajamas, and 00 Nation. It doesn’t stop there as he was also linked to LOUD, a world champion team that won an international LAN. 



After the clip resurfaced, the tournament organizers took action and suspended him effective immediately. In the clip, he appeared to say a racist term that is not acceptable within the standards set by the community.




However, as this happened the player took responsibility to his action and provided an update for all the fans awaiting a response: 


“MEG decided to ban me from playing in the championship, and rightly so. And even though it hurts me a lot, I don't want to harm the mlq.


Everyone saw that this never happened again, I'm not that person anymore and I'm going to prove it to you 1/2“


“I don't know what my future will be, but I just want to apologize for hurting you.


I understand that these are consequences of my actions and do not come close to what I did.


Thankful for having changed and leaving a rotten environment in which I was also part 2/2“ he added.

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