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JonahP Responds To Backlash From Sentinels Matchup

JonahP Responds To Backlash From Sentinels Matchup
Written by: Weeii

G2 Esports Player “JonahP” responds to backlash due to a poorly timed “listen-in” during one of the matches in the Sentinels Invitational tournament. While viewers voiced different opinions, the pro player took it into the matter and responded to clear things out. 



What Happened? 


During one of G2’s games in the Sentinel Invitational tournament, the stream showed a “listen-in” where JonahP commed to his teammate what seemed to be in a “rude” or “disrespectful” way. 




“Just stop talking, just let me heal and reset we got a kill,” JonahP said to his teammates. 


However, before lashing out and saying that this is disrespectful or toxic, it’s important to understand that pro play is the highest level of competition there is to Valorant. That means, naturally, in a very serious and competitive environment, you are bound to sound serious and assertive at times. 


JonahP made the tweet to clear that this isn’t him being toxic, this is a very natural response during tense situations and even his teammates completely understand that and didn’t think much of it. 


“We've talked as a team abt problems overcomming & missing timings, & this is 1 part of a convo to try to settle us down before repeating mistakes. that's why it looks like I'm being disrespectful to Jake” Jonah said. 


“Anyone who actually knows you or has played on a team before should know that you didnt mean it in a malicous way lol” tex said, one of the former The Guard players who played with JonahP. 

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