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Valorant Updates $400 X Tournament

Valorant Updates $400 X Tournament
Written by: Weeii

Ever dreamt of competing in Valorant? Well now is the chance you turn that dream into reality. Valorant Updates will be hosting a Valorant Tournament with $400 in prizes, the best part? ALL ranks are welcome. All you have to do is gather a team of 5 total players or come as a solo player and register to earn your spot! 



Tournament Details


  • Total Participants: 16 Teams

  • Region: North America


  • Ranks: ALL ranks are welcome to participate as long as they are in a team of 5.


  • Brackets: The matches will follow a single-elimination bracket with a Best-Of-3 Final to crown a final champion of the tournament.



  • Bracket Balance: Brackets will be balanced based on the average ranks in a team, this is done to ensure a competitive and enjoyable experience for everyone participating.

  • Platform: ChallengerMode

  • Match Times: All of the tournament’s matches will start at 11 am PST (2 pm EST) on the 25th Of November. For the final BO3 match, it will start around 3 pm PST. 

  • Registration: While there are only 16 slots for teams, there is no limit on the number of teams that can register. The tournament will be a First-Come-First-Serve, meaning the first 16 teams that check in first on the day of the tournament will be the ones that participate.


Tournament Rules


  • Each team has an allowance of 15 minutes (max) before a match is forfeited in case they don't show up.

  • If a team is caught violating any of the rules at any point in the tournament, admins reserve the right to disqualify them if they see fit.

  • Each team must register with 5 players (full-team) with an optional 2 slots for substitute players.

  • If you don’t have a team, you can register as a “Free Agent” where you will be matched with other solo players under that category.

  • No toxicity or any form of disrespect is allowed between games.

  • After a match is done, the team's captain MUST submit pictures of the game to verify the scores/results.

  • In case your team needs an emergency substitute, contact an admin at least 5 minutes before your match starts. 

How To Register 


To register, all you need to do is simply click on the link here and that will take you to the ChallengerMode website. If you’re new, head over to create an account, or if you’ve used it before just simply log in and you’ll be able to participate.

If you’re a solo player, head over to the “Free Agents” section and confirm your registration there.



Any Questions?


If you still have any more questions, feel free to join our discord server and tag one of the tournament organizers in the chat, they will be happy to assist you! 


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