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Shopify Rebellion Signs V1's Game Changer Roster

Shopify Rebellion Signs V1's Game Changer Roster
Written by: Weeii

Shopify Rebellion, a striving organization in the Valorant scene has officially confirmed their signing of Version1’s Game Changer roster for the upcoming championship in Brazil Sao Paul. 


Shopify Signs GC Super Roster


Version 1 is one of the strongest Game Changer rosters, winning most of their games and demonstrating a dominating performance throughout their matches. They also made it and qualified for the Game Changer Championship on Brazil, Sao Paul. 



It might come off as shocking news for some, but the roster has officially been signed by Shopify Rebellion, another organization that used to strive in the scene. And with their merger with Moist Esports, it seems that they’re more than ready to take on new opportunities with this roster. 


They signed the roster as it is, which means these will be the players representing Shopify in the championship: 


  • Melanji
  • NoiaFPS 
  • Florescent 
  • Sarahfrags 
  • Alexisfps 
  • Effys (C) 


It would be exciting to watch such a super team compete at such a tournament, you can find more information about the dates and schedule over here

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