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NRG Announces Super Roster For VCT 2024

NRG Announces Super Roster For VCT 2024
Written by: Weeii

NRG finally announced their roster for the VCT 2024 season, and it is as leaked, a superstar team that is expected to lift the trophies coming their way. Most importantly, from NRG’s roster we now know that EG Ethan and Demon1 were able to escape the contract jail EG placed them in. 



NRG Announces New Superstar Team


NRG is one of the known organizations in the VCT Americas League, not only for their achievements in the Esports scene but also for their incredible team and content creation that many other organizations miss.

However, that being said they did not have the best season during the VCT year 2023, even though they qualified for multiple international events, they weren’t able to close it out and meet the expectations of their fans. 




Introducing the new NRG Roster, including the 2 star players from EG, Ethan, and Demon1. But that’s not all there is to it, Marved, Victor and Crashies, who are still considered Champions as they lifted an international trophy with Optic, are also on the team. 


It is nothing short but exciting to see what NRG will do in VCT Americas and in an international level, especially since the competition is tough with teams like Sentinels showing up to the game again. 

Final Roster


  • Crashies 
  • Victor
  • Marved
  • Demon1
  • Ethan


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