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Valorant Leads in Prize Money for Women's Esports in 2023

Valorant Leads in Prize Money for Women's Esports in 2023
Written by: ASH

In a remarkable achievement for the esports industry, Valorant has emerged as the leader in prize money for women's tournaments in 2023. This significant milestone was highlighted in a recent report by Esports Charts, a leading authority in esports analytics. The report revealed that Valorant tournaments contributed a substantial 54% of the total $2,240,000 prize pool dedicated to women's esports.


Counter-Strike followed in second place, contributing 23.4% to the total prize pool, while Fortnite secured the third spot with 10%. This distribution underscores Valorant's dominant position in the competitive gaming landscape, especially in the women's segment.


valorant leads in prize money for womens esports in 2023_


Riot Games, the developer behind Valorant, has been instrumental in fostering an inclusive gaming environment. Their commitment is evident in the allocation of a whopping $500,000 for this year's women's world championship alone. This figure represents a significant 20% of the total prize money across all disciplines. Additionally, the regular season Game Changers series, with its prize range of $5,000 to $40,000, along with various off-season tournaments, further highlights Riot Games' dedication to supporting women in esports.


While Valorant leads in terms of prize money, it's interesting to note that it hasn't clinched the title for the most popular women's esports event in terms of viewership. The esports community eagerly awaits the announcement of which tournament will take this title for 2023.

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