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Valorant Community Upset Over High Costs of New Kuronami Bundle

Valorant Community Upset Over High Costs of New Kuronami Bundle
Written by: ASH

Valorant players are currently expressing their dissatisfaction with Riot Games' spending policies, particularly concerning the Kuronami Bundle. The popular tactical shooter game, developed by Riot Games, has a large and dedicated player base. However, the introduction of the Kuronami Bundle, a new set of in-game items, has sparked a wave of discontent among its players.


The core issue revolves around the pricing of the Kuronami Bundle. Players feel that the cost for these new items is excessively high, leading to discussions and complaints across various online platforms. The community is voicing their concerns, seeking a more reasonable pricing strategy from Riot Games.



This reaction from the community reflects a mix of frustration and disappointment. Many players believe that the high costs of the Kuronami Bundle are not justified, arguing for more accessible pricing for all players. This sentiment is widespread, indicating a significant concern that Riot Games needs to address.


Despite the growing dissatisfaction, Riot Games has yet to respond to these concerns. The company's silence on the matter has intensified the players' frustration. The Valorant community is eagerly awaiting a response, hoping for a revision in the pricing of the Kuronami Bundle and other in-game items.


As the situation develops, the response from Riot Games will be crucial in determining their relationship with the Valorant player base. The community's reaction to the Kuronami Bundle could be a turning point in how Riot Games manages in-game expenses in the future.

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