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Falcons Vega Boosts Valorant Team with New Star Player

Falcons Vega Boosts Valorant Team with New Star Player
Written by: ASH

Falcons Vega, a prominent Arab esports team, has recently expanded its Valorant squad by signing Maria "TookiiTookii" Perez as their eighth player. This announcement came shortly after the team welcomed Nur "Eva" Çakır, a former member of BBL Queens. Fans were delighted to hear the news on the team's Twitter account.



In 2023, Falcons Vega achieved remarkable success, winning multiple tournaments such as the Saudi Womens eLeague 2023: Season 1/Season 2, VALORANT MENA Al Majd: Series 2, and the Underground Womens Cup. The addition of Perez to their roster is seen as a strategic move to maintain their winning streak.


Maria "TookiiTookii" Perez, a Spanish player with limited competitive experience, previously played for Case Hydra but did not achieve notable results. Her role in the upcoming matches for Falcons Vega is still uncertain, as the team has no scheduled games at the moment.


The Valorant community is eagerly anticipating the VCT 2024: Game Changers EMEA Stage 1 tournament, starting on February 3, where Falcons Vega's new lineup, including Perez, might make their debut.

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