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OBG sign Forze's trio to attend EMEA LCQ

OBG sign Forze's trio to attend EMEA LCQ
Image Credit: One Breath Gaming
Written by: ar1essss

One Breath Gaming have announced signing Coffee, zeddy and hugeon from forZe and receive slot in EMEA Last Chance qualifier.




Earlier, OBG parted with their previous VALORANT line-up in early August. Three days ago, the English organization announced returning to Riot shooter, signed Vladislav "minse" Kuzminykh and Stanislav "Sp1ke" Koshel from last roster, and forZe's duo - hugeon and zeddy. Today, they recruited Nikita "Coffee" Antsypirovich from forZe, and automatically received the slot in VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: EMEA Last Chance Qualifier.


One Breath Gaming roster:

ru Flag Vladislav "minse" Kuzminykh
ru Flag Stanislav "Sp1ke" Koshel
ru Flag Denis "hugeon" Vasiliev
by Flag Nikolai "zeddy" Lapko

by Flag Nikita "Coffee" Antsypirovich

In open match within EMEA LCQ One Breath Gaming will meet with Team Liquid.

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