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Team Skins and Cosmetic Bundles Coming to Valorant, Says VCT Esports Head

Team Skins and Cosmetic Bundles Coming to Valorant, Says VCT Esports Head
Written by: ASH

Leo Faria, the head honcho for Valorant Esports globally, recently spilled the beans on Riot's plans for introducing team-specific cosmetic bundles in Valorant. These bundles, which are a part of Riot's strategy to financially empower teams, will soon hit the in-game store, coinciding with the VCT kickoff tournaments.


Riot Games, alongside teams from the three VCT leagues, aims to offer these unique bundles to fans, with a slice of the sales revenue going to the teams. This initiative is one of many by Riot to ensure teams have a stable financial ground, supplemented by a yearly stipend and bonuses for activities like creating video content and organizing fan meet-ups.


During a chat on the Play Chat Valorant podcast, Faria delved into what fans can expect from these bundles and hinted at future possibilities.



Unlike other limited-time offers, these team cosmetic bundles will be up for grabs throughout the Valorant season. Teams that shine in international events will get special promotion in the store. Moreover, teams have put their creative hats on, designing unique player cards that reflect their essence—ranging from the silly to the deeply meaningful.


Riot's previous Valorant Champions skin bundle, which also shared profits with qualifying teams, has already raked in millions, showcasing the potential success of these new team bundles. Faria mentioned that if these team capsules do well, Riot might consider expanding the cosmetics to other weapons beyond the Classic pistol.


However, fans in China might have to wait a bit longer to see their local VCT league's cosmetics in the shop due to logistical delays. This hiccup is attributed to the Chinese VCT league's recent formation and the additional time needed for teams to prepare their cosmetics.


This update marks a significant step in Riot's efforts to support Valorant esports teams and engage the game's growing fanbase with more personalized in-game items.

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